Concrete Pour

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  • Concrete Pour
  • Concrete Pour

    The construction technology of the concrete beds using the mixing equipments of the pull-shovles, Hopper Cars, and suit.

    An outline of the new technology

    The details of the new technology

    • With regard to the construction of the concrete roadbed tracks of the double track railroads, in case a ready-mixed concrete truck cannot directly enter, the direct placement of the onsite concrete roadbeds has become possible by using the movable machine devices.
    • There is no blocking phenomenon in the conveying pipes. And the supply and demand of the equipment are smooth. And the construct ability has been improved through the securing of the stability of the equipments in the curve sections.
    • The improvement of the work environments within the tunnels through the reduction of the washing water of the conveying pipes, the exhausts within the tunnels, etc.
    • The reduction of the construction costs because the central access road is unnecessary compared to the placement method of the access road for the vehicles.
    Backhoe, Hopper Car [ Outline figure of the construction method: The mixing equipments of the pull-shovels, Hopper Cars, and suits. ]
    Pillar, Moving suits [ Moving suit equipments ]

    The onsite applicability

    The construction order figures.

    1. The supply of the ready-mixed concrete with the Hopper Cars
    2. The entry of the Hopper Cars into the placement site
    3. The installation of the suits
    4. The supply of the ready-mixed concrete utilizing the backhoes
    5. The work of the sides organization of the roadbed sides
    6. Completed tracks

    The construct ability

    The construct ability
    Category Previously existent technology Ⅰ
    [The method of placing the conveying pipes]
    Previously existent technology Ⅱ
    [The method of placing onsite]
    The new technology
    The ease of the transportation
    • The repeated connection of the 3m conveying pipes
    • The restriction on the 300m~500m placement extension
    • The securing of the access road in the front and at the back of the worksite
    • The installation of a working road at the center of the roadbed is needed.
    • The conveying pipes and the working roads are unnecessary
    • The operations before and after are possible
    The ease of the placement
    • The occurrence of the blocking phenomenon of the conveying pipes when using the low slumps
    • The occurrence of the phenomenon of the flowing down on the roadbeds in the curves section when using the high slumps
    • The installation of the suits by vehicle is needed
    • The securing of the ease of ease of the placement through the installation of the exclusive suits
    • The automatic adjustments are possible

    The safety

    The safety
    Category Placement preparation work and the safety when placing
    The ease of the transportation
    • When the conveying pipes of the conveying placements are installed at the length of 3m and the weight of 35kg, it can cause safety accidents and the hindrances to the walking when placing.
    • With regard to the onsite placement, there is the worry of the occurrence of a safety accident resulting from the entry into the field by the many ready-mixed concrete vehicles.
    The ease of the placement
    • This technology applied for only runs on the tracks constructed. And there is small danger with regard to the safety accidents according to the fact that only the exclusive equipments can enter the site for the placements.
    • There is no need to install a conveying pipe. And the danger of a safety accident is lowered through the automatic manipulations of the suits.

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