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Leading Enterprise of Railroad Culture CHUNWUN RAILROAD

  • CEO’s Message
  • CEO’s Message

    Since 1996
    Leading Enterprise of Railroad Culture

    Chunwun Railroad has become third best company in Railroad and Track Industry in Korea since its first railroad track construction in April 1996, after the Technology Agreement regarding ZUBLIN high-speed rail construction, and the Technology Agreement with TOTEUT, Japanese Construction Company in 1999, Chunwun Railroad could develop the utility model on “Track Vibration Absorber” and could apply to the construction project for Youngdong maintenance depot of Kyungbu high-speed railroad in 2001.

    Also, Chunwun Railroad perfectly performed light-structure track construction project for the Korea Light Rail Transit such as Kyungchun Subway Line and Busan Subway Line 3, using the rubber-wheeled “AGT(Automated Guidway Transit)” system. “Method for constructing paved concrete track by using high-flowablity and high-early-strength mortar” was designated as an official new technology in 2009. As these achievements and contributions to Korea Railroad development have been recognized, Chunwun Railroad received awards from Kora governmental organizations including Ministry of Construction and Transportation and Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs.

    CEO Kang-HOON
    (Chairman of Railroad & Track Works
    Council in Korea Professional
    Construction Association)

    Chunwun Railroad strongly believes that investing o research and development for innovative technologies ultimately maximize company’s future value. In 2012, Chunwun Railroad opened its own technology research center to constantly enhance its technological power at work sites.
    As a result, Chunwun has already obtained 14 patents related to rubber-wheeled AGT system. In January 2013, “Method for constructing a railroad by using a guideway for a rubber-wheeled automated guideway transit system” was officially designated as a new transport technology by Korean government.

    Most recently, for the first time in the world, Chunwun Railroad has introduced an innovative track construction technology, “3D curved precast slab track”, which can take care of sharp-curved area and underground section of railroad.
    With this technology, Chunwun Railroad can perform any track construction project with its own technology independently.

    404-3, Shincheon-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
    TEL : 053-744-8373|FAX : 053-751-7764|Email :|Corporate Registration No. : 502-81-47209
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